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Welcome to the first unofficial Jacob Moon Fan Site! I tried to find a fan site dedicated to Jacob’s music and concluded that I would have to start one myself.  Who am I? Just a fan from the northwestern corner of Washington State that first heard of Jacob Moon via his excellent cover of Rush’s song ‘Subdivisions’ on YouTube.  The rest is easy to predict if you have seen Jacob perform live or heard his music. I quickly acquired his entire musical output and began to attend his concerts whenever he came out West – either in Canada or USA destinations.  I even sponsored a Jacob Moon tour of northern Washington in August of 2010.

ForAllMoonKind.com is the gathering place for all Jacob Moon fans to share their experiences and love of his great music and message. We will create this place together and hopefully grow it over the years ahead into a place where we can celebrate being fans of Jacob Moon!

Welcome and wish me luck! Let’s have fun!

4 thoughts on “About the Site

  1. Hey,

    We probably met last week at House of James, we were the Marillion fans 🙂
    We met Jacob in Montreal and were blown away by his talent. I am following him on the social networks ever since, so I am very surprised I found this place so late. Shame on me! You have a lot of great information and it is a great place for Jacob’s fans! Better late then never 🙂 I will check regularly now.
    Thanks for running the site so up to date and full with information!

    Best regards!

    • Milena – it was nice to meet you and your family. I was the crazy person who took your photo with Jacob. Thank you for coming out to HOJ and for visiting the site. I appreciate all the people that visit and I love when someone posts a comment! I am always open to adding content from other fans so if you ever want to post something related to Jacob’s music, please let me know or send it my way at admin@forallmookind.com. Thank you!!

      • Happy to know we met! And thanks for the lovely pictures you took – what a great memory for us all!
        I have to find time to upload some of my recordings of the show and will message you after that!

        • Milena – please share any Jacob content you want. Comments, reviews, videos are all good. I want this to be a fan site driven by the fans. I get a bit tired of just “hearing” my own voice blog on. I bet you all do too.

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