Back From Hawaii, Back in the News, Back to Work

JM Hawaii
Jacob Moon in Hawaii. Photo by Allison Moon.

While Jacob was performing all through December on his 2015 Welcome Christmas Tour he was also looking forward to a break from the winter cold of Hamilton and a bit of sun and relaxation. Jacob and Allison celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary at the end of December but really held the festivities after they arrived in Hawaii in early January. Sometimes you have to get away to find your home…

Aloha from Hawaii: Vision casting for the new year, and celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Last summer, Allison and I were invited to join a group of folks from around the world in prayer and reflection at the Kona Sheraton on the Big Island of Hawaii in January, and the timing seemed perfect. Also, Hawaii? Hello?!! We had just celebrated 10 years of marriage on Dec 31st and we had been dreaming of getting away together to find rest, renewal and clarity on our vision and purpose going forward. We found all of that and more.

The trip was incredible, and the retreat was the perfect way to kick it off, in contemplation and community. We feel like new people, and hitting that reset button was just what the doctor ordered for both of us. Allison has been through so much with her health over the past couple of years, and I have been soldiering on though it all, but growing battle-weary at times.

We are thankful for all of you who have supported us over the last year, and made it possible for us to enjoy this little of oasis of time together, where we could be transformed by grace and beauty.

As they say on the island…Mahalo!

Pic 1: Visiting the eden-like valley and black sand beach of Waipio.
Pic 2: Our group of retreaters in Kona, led by Steve Klassen from the Mark Centre in BC (top left).
Pic 3. Sunset on Hapuna Beach.

JM Hawaii
JM Hawaii

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jacob Moon experience unless he was also working. Jacob performed at two events while in Hawaii, his first concerts here, by accepting an invitation from Lucie Lynch to share the stage with her for a couple of shows in Honolulu. Lucie had been one of the fellow musical artists that had played for the Marillion Weekend back n 2013 along with Jacob. She heard Jacob was planning to come over to Hawaii so she graciously invited Jacob to do a few songs for the locals. Both shows were warmly received and, as usual, Jacob made some new fans while there. It looks and sounds like the Moons made the most of the time they had in Hawaii and celebrated their life together in many ways. Congratulations!!

JM and LL
Jacob Moon and Lucie Lynch in Honolulu, HI.

Barely back from Hawaii and Jacob is getting some press. Hamilton B. Lous, from Hamilton Blues Lovers (click here), featured Jacob in an article about his 20 years in the music business and Jacob’s newest release “20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon”. Hamilton Blues Lovers is a website dedicated to helping support the Hamilton, Halton, Niagara, Brant, and Waterloo Roots music scene. Jacob has been featured here before thanks to Mr. Lous. Here is the article for those that may have missed it:

JM 20 years

Incredible New Best of Compilation from Hamilton’s Jacob Moon!

20 years and a number of albums later, Hamilton singer/songwriter Jacob Moon has created quite an impressive body of work. To celebrate two decades of incredible art, he’s released 20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon.

This wonderful recording features 14 of his best-loved songs along with two previously unreleased tracks (Love of Mine and Ribbon of Darkness). The new tunes are a remarkable addition to his musical legacy.

The CD is an amazing time-capsule of a phenomenal artist who’ll hopefully bless us with many more years of outstanding performances.

CDs are available through his live shows and cdbaby. You can also download it through cdbaby and iTunes or join his Partner Program to get all of Jacob’s recordings!


As with all of us, vacations never seem to last long enough and Jacob is no exception. Back less than a week and he is performing once again. Now there are many ways to get back in the work groove and I think Jacob has found a fairly unique one this time around as he is going to perform across the street from his home for the first gig back. Nice! Limited travel and he can eat at home before performing. Jacob will be at the Acoustic Blend Cafe on January 23rd to kick 2016 off. Join him as he continues to play the best of his music for us. Enjoy the music!

Tom Waits Tribute Tonight


Tonight Jacob participates in another tribute evening performing the songs of Tom Waits. If you have seen him live over the last few years or purchased ‘Fascination’ then you have heard Jacob’s wonderful cover of Tom’s “Pony” (video below). Jacob will be added two other Tom Waits songs to his set list tonight but will be letting the crowd and the other participating artists determine which other songs he covers. Living on the edge and going through the work to arrange and practice extra songs that will be decided at the last minute during the performance seems a bit crazy to us non-performers, but Jacob likes to keep the excitement and anticipation up during his live shows. Artist tribute shows are no exception. Be a part of the excitement and tribute to Tom Waits music tonight at Hugh’s Room in Toronto at 8:30 sharp. It should be another amazing evening of great live music and classic songs, like “Pony”:

Published on Mar 7, 2012
This cover is a VideoSong, a new medium with 2 rules:
1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

In this short film, Jacob takes ‘Pony’, an elegaic Tom Waits song, and re-animates it with striking visuals and layered guitars in a variety of location shoots around Ontario, Canada. In each scene and performance, the team was going for compelling video, but they also managed to get pristine audio—so every shot you see is also a live recording of that guitar part or vocal track. In fact, the whole song was captured live on location(s), in what is surely one of the first ‘video songs’ of its kind.

Technical details aside, the song itself has enough admirable merits to recommend it to any music lover. Composed by Waits 20 years ago, it tells the story of a drifter who is recounting his life of adventure on the road and yearning, at the same time, to finally come to rest and find ‘home’.

In the final minutes of the song, there is a reverie that takes over, a musical dream sequence, as the song seamlessly transitions into ‘His Eye is on the Sparrow’. Just as the longing for ‘heaven and home’ is real for the drifter in all of us, so this song is the perfect coda to this character’s homeward journey.


Direction: Hank Devos and Tim Abraham
Production: Tim Abraham
Engineering: Tim Abraham
Cinematography: Hank Devos
Video Editing and Post-Production: Hank Devos
Assistant Engineer: Malin Johnson

For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

Oshawa, Paris, BC and Christmas Concerts


Chris Vacher – “If you are free Sunday night you will want to get to this Jacob Moon concert. One of the most incredibly talented musicians I’ve ever met and his added bonus is that he’s a great guy.”

Jacob Moon – “This Sunday I will be releasing the new CD at a solo concert in Oshawa! See y’all there Oshawashers…”

PARIS – LE BATACLAN – then vs. now
Jacob Moon in Paris at Le Bataclan with Marillion. Photo by Andy Rotherham.

Jacob Moon – “I have nothing but fond memories of the Bataclan where I was honoured to open for Marillion on tour almost exactly 2 years ago. To think of that friendly and beautiful hall being marred forever, and these innocent lives cut down by acts of pointless violence breaks my heart. I am mourning for the good people of Paris tonight.”

Andy Rotherham – “Posting this in tribute to everyone at The Bataclan last night. This is Jacob Moon on stage there on the Marillion Tour exactly 2 years ago. I took the photo from the side of the stage as I was teching for him. We had a lovely time in Paris and the venue was magical. — with Jacob Moon.”

Dario Crocetta – “I was there and I remember your wonderful performance, that’s why I also bought your cd there.Now my memories of those days in Paris with my wife,the concert etc are not the same anymore..”

Phil Waknell – “I was there too that night. The place will never be the same now. Too many have passed to the great beyond.”

November 15, 2015 – today Jacob added this video as a message for those in Paris, and other countries, that were impacted by this recent string of violent attacks. Thank you Jacob, I believe we all share your compassion and message of hope.

Jacob Moon – “I performed on this night two years ago at the Bataclan with Marillion. It was a magical night of music in my memory, surrounded by joyful music fans and great vibes. On this weekend of mourning, I stand with the good people of Paris in this tragic time where so much evil has been visited upon them.”

Jacob Moon at House of James 2010.

Nov 19 House of James Abbotsford, Canada
Nov 20 House Concert Coquitlam, Canada
Nov 21 The Sanctuary in Brentwood Burnaby, Canada
Nov 22 North Langley Community Church Langley Twp, Canada


The Welcome Christmas Tour:
Nov 28/29: Faithlife Financial Christmas with Trevor Dick/Jason & Charmaine $10
Dec 4: Clarkson Rd Presbyterian Mississauga, Canada w/ Ali Matthews $20
Dec 05: Sauble Fellowship Church Southampton, Canada
Dec 06: Sauble Fellowship Church Southampton, Canada
Dec 10: Living Rock Xmas at Gasworks in Hamilton, ON $30 benefit banquet
Dec 11: Brant Community Church in Brantford, ON FREE
Dec 13: Whitby Christian Church Whitby, ON 6pm
Dec 18: REGISTRY THEATRE KW w/ Mike Janzen Trio
Dec 19: CROSSROADS Centre Burlington w/ Mike Janzen & Michael Schulte strings
Dec 20: Calvary Church in Oshawa w/ Ali Matthews & strings


20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon
by Jacob Moon
© Copyright – Jacob Moon / Jacob Moon (190394023805)
Download $9.99
Intimate, epic and personal are three words you could use to describe singer-songwriter Jacob Moon, who is celebrated here with a collection of his very best work over the past 20 years.

Spellbound in Alberta

Jacob Moon in concert. Photo by (need photo credit).

Jacob is concluding his most recent concert swing to the province of Alberta this weekend. He has been here many times over the years and always appreciates the fine scenery and the fans that come out to show their support of his music.

Keeping them spellbound by his music and talent in Alberta.
2015 GMA Nominee Jacob Moon in Blackfalds, AB. Photo by Don Palm.

Don Palm – “Saw Jacob Moon tonight in Blackfalds. I really appreciate this talented man and his great musicianship. A treat for me when he comes to Alberta.”

Milena Sarneva – “Thanks for sharing the picture, Don! Can’t wait to see him in BC in 2 weeks! (and our house on your birthday!)”

Jacob Moon – “Thanks to everyone who came out to the Legacy Guitar House last night! It was a fun night and great to connect with some old friends and fans like any Nancy Bishay, Al and Chewie, Martha Goosen, Matt Cameron and Mark Ryan… Here’s the set list:”

JM setlist

Jacob continues to celebrate 20 years of his music in his set lists and with the vinyl/CD release concerts continuing across Canada: 20 YEARS – Best Of Jacob Moon. Pick up a copy or two and see him perform many of these songs live near you.

Mark Ryan – “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and the blues came from Way Down Deep… Not an empty seat in the place tonight at the Legacy Guitar House for another AMAZING evening with this incredibly gifted artist – Jacob Moon rocks! Tomorrow night in Breton, AB with Ali Matthews – catch him if you can!”

Ali Matthews – “Opening tonight for this amazing artist and awesome friend… Jacob Moon”

Barbara White – “I can hardly believe it- Ali Matthews was at Breton Faith Covenant Church tonight, in a special guest appearance with Jacob Moon. Here’s a song they sing together, so you can hear how well their voices compliment each other. Another night to remember, friends.”

Jacob Moon in concert. Photo by Don Palm.

Don Palm – “Super to see Jacob Moon again in the same weekend. Every show a bit different from the other. Different set list, different stories, same top-notch killer guitar, soaring vocals and excellent songwriting and arranging. Thanks to my sister, Barbara White for hosting, and to Shawn Palm and Ailen White for their work at the concert. Extra perks were reuniting with award-winning Ali Matthews and meeting award-winning Andrew Horrocks in the same night.”

Jacob Moon in Caledonia. Photo by (need photo credit).

Jacob Moon – “Had an amazing day in Barrie yesterday, playing 2 concerts in the morning and a concert in the evening. Whew! Exhausted but exhilirated!
Welcome to my many new FAN.SI Partners who so generously came alongside my music career yesterday to help keep me going! Your investment is making my next moves possible…can’t wait for you to hear all the songs on that little guitar!”

House of James‎ – Jacob Moon CD release concert November 19, 2015.

Nov 19 House of James Abbotsford, Canada
Nov 20 House Concert Coquitlam, Canada
Nov 21 The Sanctuary in Brentwood Burnaby, Canada
Nov 22 North Langley Community Church Langley Twp, Canada

Of course I’ll be at all four shows. Come on out if you can. It is always an amazing night when Jacob performs and you might get some Jacob Moon swag just for being there!

The Pretender(s)? – Jackson Browne Tribute Review

Jacob Moon and Jory Nash at Jackson Browne Tribute show.

Covering a song by a famous original musical artist is a time honored way to learn an instrument, build a set list, attract fans, pay homage to an artist you admire, and put yourself in the cross hairs for criticism. Jacob Moon, like many musicians before him, have been doing this for as long as music has been around it seems. To do a whole show dedicated to covering another musicians songs, at least in popular music, has been more of a thing in the last 30 years. It still can draw the cross hairs though.

That is exactly what Jacob and several other musicians tempted this last Friday night at Hugh’s Room in Toronto where they performed the music of Jackson Browne.

Jacob Moon and gang playing tribute to Jackson Browne. Photo by Dave Dickson Photography.

Jacob Moon – “Thanks to Ali Matthews, Jory Nash, Coco Love Alcorn, Jason Fowler, Jake Payne, John Dymond, and Gary Craig for your amazing job at Hugh’s Room tonight. Jackson Browne would be proud!”
Dave Dickson – “It was an AWESOME show last night (Friday). Thks to Jacob and Jason for putting on a great show.”
Kerri Henman – “It was a fantastic show!! Can’t wait for the next one…..”

Jacob Moon and Jason Fowler getting ready to play JB at Hugh’s Room. Photo by Ali Matthews.

Jacob Moon performs ‘I’m Alive’ by Jackson Browne. Recorded live in the Woodshed on Oct 20, 2015.

Jacob Moon and Ali Matthews. Photo by Gina Darlene.

Gina Darlene – “At Hughs Room with Ali Matthews … Jacob Moon … Jason Fowler and friends. Great dinner.. great music.. I can take this off my bucket list.. CHECK!!”
Norm Carruthers – “Awesome night! Music was outstanding and just a fun fun evening!”
Ali Matthews – “What a fabulous night at Hughs Room with these beautiful musicians!! Joy!”

It seems like the fans, and even the participating musicians, had a pretty good time at the show. It looks like Jacob and the gang dodged those cross hairs after all, no pretenders here!

Help me keep the music coming.
I am trying to carve out some time to write the next record, but it’s hard to get off the road, since that’s where I make most of my income.

Please consider becoming a Partner on my fan engagement platform, FAN.SI.

I routinely update Partners with new music, posts from the road, the studio and my home life. I would love to work with you to help me keep the music coming. and there are some great perks that you can get for investing in the future of my career.

Nov 01 First Baptist Church Barrie, Canada
Nov 03 Ironwood Stage Calgary, Canada
Nov 05 After The Grind Blackfalds, Canada
Nov 06 Legacy Guitar and Coffee House Cochrane, Canada
Nov 07 Faith Covenant Church Breton, Canada
Nov 08 Cochrane Alliance Church Cochrane, Canada
Nov 15 Trulls Road Church Oshawa, Canada
Nov 19 House of James Abbotsford, Canada
Nov 20 House Concert Coquitlam, Canada
Nov 21 The Sanctuary in Brentwood Burnaby, Canada
Nov 22 North Langley Community Church Langley Twp, Canada
Nov 27 Hugh’s Room Toronto, Canada
Nov 28 FaithLife Financial Waterloo, Canada
Nov 29 FaithLife Financial Waterloo, Canada

Try to catch Jacob at one or more of these shows. I bet Jacob will perform a Jackson Browne song or two as he continues to celebrate the music that has spoken to him over the years. I’ll see you on the west coast dates. Don’t forget, the west coast swing will be the CD release stops for Jacob’s newest album ’20 YEARS: Best of Jacob Moon’. A great time to pick up you copy and have it signed by the man himself.

Jackson Browne Tribute Videos


As Jacob prepares to perform at another tribute show for one of his musical mentors – Jackson Browne – he has gone back to his early days and reviewed all of the songs from the artist and remembered the ones that left, and remain, a touchstone in his life and the ones that still speech to him musically and lyrically. Over the years Jacob has done many of these tributes to primarily singer-songwriters: James Taylor; Gordon Lightfoot; and Tom Waits among others. Now, he is getting the opportunity to cover another one of his favorites for many years. Among the Jackson Browne songs that Jacob is preparing for the concert next week are two that have spoken to him. This first one is from the 1973 album ‘For Everyman’ “These Days”.

Jacob Moon – “This is a cover of ‘These Days’, a great Jackson Browne song, Come and hear us pay tribute to the man on Oct 23 at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.”

The second song committed to video is from the follow-up 1974 album ‘Late For The Sky’ “For A Dancer”. A meditation on death like JB’s first album’s “Song for Adam”, it is a more eloquent eulogy but still in the love/loss vein that JB writes about so well.

Jacob Moon – “Here’s a beautiful song by Jackson Browne about living life and facing death…‘For a Dancer’. Recorded live at the Woodshed.”

Both of these songs showcase JB’s introspective, literate lyrics and laid-back folk-rock that dominated the California music scene and then swept across the USA with the hugely popular ‘The Pretender’ and ‘Running on Empty’ albums and title tracks. Jacob has always focused his songwriting on personal, introspective moments from his life or those of people close to him. Joining Jacob for this special night are frequent musical partner Ali Matthews, along with Jory Nash, Jason Fowler, and Coco Love Alcorn at Hugh’s Room in Toronto October 23rd.



Jacob has also been publicly available talking about things RUSH on the popular podcast RushCast at the suggestion of fan David Sharp. Take a listen to the podcast above. Jacob shows up at about the 52:40 mark and talks with Jay Mantis about his breakout video for “Subdivisions” and then goes on to discuss his own fan relationship with RUSH music starting back in the ‘Farewell to Kings’ era. Drawn to both the pop side and the longer prog elements inherent in their music. Jacob then talks about Alex Lifesons’ guitar prowess over the years and his ability to always play with consistent quality on many different styles over time. Jacob will also appear briefly, in a crowd shot, in the upcoming R40 video during “Roll The Bones”. Look close.

Speaking of looking close, look for Jacob in concert somewhere near you this fall and winter as he tours across Canada during the next few months. Until next time, enjoy the music!

Moon Over Cleveland

Jacob Moon in Cleveland at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Jacob Moon – “Hello Cleveland! Here at the Hall of Fame today. Thankful for rock ‘n’ roll!”

Jacob Moon in Ohio. Photo by Rita Kay Drew.

Jacob Moon traveled to the USA again this weekend ascending on the rock ‘n’ roll city of Cleveland, Ohio. Jacob put in an appearance at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights. It was Jacob’s first time performing here and was arranged by fan Rita Kay Drew. Rumor has it that even the “legendary” Ed Stenger ( was in attendance.

Jacob Moon. Photo by Rita Kay Drew.
Jacob Moon in The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. Photo by Emil J. Colosimo.

Emil J. Colosimo‎ – Jacob Moon @ Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH “Check out this awesome article in today’s Friday section of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, written by our very own Peter Chakerian!”


OAKVILLE CD Release Oct 17th!
The CD release concerts continue. This week Jacob will be at this great venue.

Jacob Moon – “Anyone who’s seen one of the half dozen shows I’ve played at the Oakville Centre knows that it’s a great room with an intimate vibe, and killer sound.
You won’t want to miss this one! Plus it’s your chance to stand and be counted as a fan. When you do, there’s treats for you! Free copy of the new CD for every person who attends. Get yours now at”


Then next week Jacob will be performing the songs of Jackson Browne at a special tribute show. Do not miss this incredible night of music at Hugh’s Room in Toronto. Come for dinner and stay for the show! Guest artists include Jason Fowler, Ali Matthews, Jory Nash and Coco Love Alcorn. Tickets are $22.50 advance at

NOV 1: First Baptist Church in Barrie ON tix
NOV 3: Ironwood Grill in Calgary ON 730
NOV 5: After the Grind in Blackfalds ON 730 tix
NOV 6: Legacy Guitar House in Cochrane AB 8:00 tix
NOV 7: Faith Covenant Church in Breton AB 7pm tix
NOV 8: am service at Cochrane Alliance Church AB

NOV 15: Trulls Rd church in Oshawa 7pm CD Release
NOV 19: House of James in Abbotsford BC 7:30
NOV 20: House Concert in Coquitlam BC
NOV 22: North Langley Church IJM w/Cory Alstad 7pm
NOV 27: Tom Waits Tribute at Hugh’s Rm Toronto 830
NOV 28/29: Faithlife Financial Christmas Waterloo

DEC 4: Clarkson Rd Presbyterian w/ Ali Matthews 730pm
DEC 5/6: Sauble Fellowship Church Christmas

DEC 10: Living Rock Xmas at Gasworks Hamilton ON
DEC 11: Brant Community Church Christmas Brantford ON
DEC 12: Bethel Church in Kingston ON
DEC 13: Whitby Christian Fellowship Christmas
DEC 18: Registry Theatre in KW with Mike Janzen tix
DEC 19: Crossroads Centre Burlington with Mike Janzen and strings
DEC 20: Calvary Church Oshawa with Ali Matthews, strings

Around Ontario and Ottawa


Jacob Moon – “Two nights from now, on Wed in Hamilton, I will be celebrating 20 years with the CD release of my new ‘Best Of’ record… Joining me will be Mike Janzen, Lisa Winn, Adam Osrosser, and Trevor Howard. Join us at the Casbah at 7:30 PM. Every ticket gets a free CD! And we will be raising money for Wesley urban ministries that night as well…”

Trevor Howard – “I’m pretty stoked to be performing with Jacob tomorrow. 27 years as friends and celebrating 20 years of Jacob Moon putting out album after album of great music. Get your butts to the casbah. I’ve got a couple of tunes to pay tribute to my amazing mommy. Great night all around. With Adam Ostrosser, Lisa Winn, Mike Jansen, and more…”


As fall is around us, we all begin to think more about staying close to home. The upcoming holidays, the family time, the cold weather all factor into those thoughts. For Jacob Moon he also thinks about his “family” of fans. After a summer of traveling around Canada and the USA, Jacob is back in his own backyard and touching base with his home crowd…Around Ontario.


The View – Hamilton, ON:
JM The View
Jacob Moon – “I’m in the latest issue of View Magazine talking about 20 Years and my CD release concert coming up this Wednesday at the Casbah in Hamilton! Thanks to Ric Taylor for the interview, as always!”

Many fans have been taking note of Jacob’s Ontario travels. Here are a few images and comments from them:

Ron Kaden – “On the night of the total eclipse on the moon the magical guitar artist @Jacob Moon drew us indoors at the Gladstone — with Jacob Moon.”

Jacob Moon at The Gladstone in Ottawa. Photo by Ron Kaden.

Kathy Solheim – “wonderful evening!”
Nancy Robertson – “Always is! Every time I’m blown away by his talent, humility and tenacity!”


Candice Coghlan – “Interested in some great music? Come support Bracelet of Hope at Jacob Moon’s 20th Anniversary Concert tour! Friday, October 2nd in Guelph, Saturday October 3rd in Kitchener! Tickets $25”

20 YEARS: THE BEST OF JACOB MOON – out now, pick up your copies on vinyl and CD

Award Nomination and “Best of” Release Concerts

JM in AZ
Jacob Moon at the MIM in Arizona.

Jacob Moon is no stranger to being nominated and receiving awards for his songwriting and performing. In fact, he has been recognized for his music by many different organizations since early on:

Previous Music Awards:
 “Landing” (2002): Folk Artist of the Year, VIBE Awards
 “Eventide”(2005): -5 Hamilton Music Awards nominations
 Inspirational Song of the Year, Song of the month at the Unisong Song contest in
Hollywood, CA
 ‘Folk artist of the year’ by the Toronto Independent Music Awards in Oct ’06.
 West Coast Songwriters Award for best Inspirational song (“Just Like You”)
 “This Christmas” (2007) BEST SEASONAL ALBUM 2008 at the CGMA awards.
 Nominated for Artist of the Year at the 2014 Glass Awards

JM in booth
Jacob Moon recording at Jonathan Anderson’s Maple Ridge BC studio. Photo by Jonathan Anderson.

And 2015 is no exception. ‘Emmanuel’ the latest song co-written by Jacob Moon and Cory Alstad has been nominated for a 2015 Covenant Award as best Seasonal Song of the Year. The 37th Annual Covenant Awards will be held November 5th in Edmonton. The Covenant Awards are the leading national awards for Canadian Christian Music. Over 30 awards will be presented throughout an elegant evening banquet event featuring live music from some of 2015’s leading nominees. This years nominations cover songs/albums released from April 30, 2014 to June 30, 2015 and include some of the best known names in Canadian Christian music and many previous winners. Congratulations on the nomination Jacob and Cory!

Seasonal Song – a work by a Canadian artist or writer of Seasonal music. Seasonal music refers to music created specifically for Christmas, Easter, Lent or other seasonal event. Previous winners include: Ali Matthews, Stephanie Mainville and The Toronto Mass Choir.


THIS WEEKEND! SEPT 19 in Chatsworth and SEPT 20 in Kitchener! Tickets will be available at the door for both of these events.


The CD Release Tour begins very soon! Get a free copy of the new record (’20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon’) on CD when you buy a ticket at selected venues. Deals! gold and platinum members: contact Jacob at jacob(at) to claim your VIP tickets. *limited availablity

All the deets at

Here’s the dates for the CD Release Tour:
Sept 25 Napanee (St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church)*
Sept 26 Belleville (Maranatha Church)
Sept 27 Ottawa (Gladstone Theatre)
Sept 30 Hamilton (The Casbah)

Oct 2 Guelph (Grace Community Church) *
Oct 3 Kitchener (Grandview Baptist) *
Oct 9 Cleveland OH (Grog Shop) 7pm
Oct 17 Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts*

Nov 3 Calgary (Ironwood Grill)
Nov 5 Blackfalds AB (After the Grind)
Nov 6 Cochrane AB (Legacy Guitar House)
Nov 19 Abbotsford BC (House of James)
Nov 22 Langley BC (North Langley Community Church)

I’ll be there for the November west coast dates as usual. Try to make at least one show near you. Pick up the brand new album in either vinyl or CD format. You won’t be disappointed!!

Happy Birthday Jacob Moon!

Jacob Moon 2015. Photo by Krista Jefferson.

Jacob Moon Cake
Did someone say cake? Jacob Moon 20 Years cake at the VIP reception. Photo by Steve Thornton.

It is hard to believe that another year has passed already. Jacob has been busy once again over the past 12 months – over 120 live performances across North America; a new album celebrating his 20 years as a professional singer-songwriter and musician; new songs written, performed and recorded; the first ever fan event Moon Con 2015 in April; paid tribute to Gordon Lightfoot performing for the man himself; was selected for an award for his cover of RUSH’s ‘Limelight’ by the bands own label; successful tours in the USA, building a larger fan base in Washington and Arizona while preparing for his first concert ever in Ohio this October 9th; and many quieter triumphs of a more personal nature. Not too bad for a man reaching his mid 40’s.

Jacob has spent a part of this year looking back at his career thus far and the road he has traveled to get where he is today. It is good to reflect on life accomplishments once in awhile. If only to reaffirm the direction you are headed going forward. Jacob has a very clear picture of where his musical direction is headed and I am very excited to see the new directions and places his talents will take him, and us with him, over the next year. Happy birthday Jacob! We are looking forward to the next year with you as a part of our musical life too.

Jacob Moon – “Sample the new single here!
This is a sample of ‘Love of Mine’, which is the featured new track on the forthcoming CD “20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon”.
Pre order it now at

JM Vinyl
Jacob Moon – “It’s the vinyl countdown… CDs and copies of the vinyl will be available on my album release tour starting September 25… Check for details.”