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I’ve spent my whole adult life as a one man band. A recording artist and professional touring musician, which means I’ve traveled across Canada dozens of times and met so many amazing people along the way. They’ve taken me in, fed me and made my life as a troubadour musician possible. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of them. Your generosity and goodwill has led me to re-think the traditional music business model, broken as it is. Artists today must struggle just to earn a minimum wage from their music, and the competition for listeners has never been so fierce.

There had to be another way. That somehow a partnership could emerge between artists and fans, not unlike the patrons and classical composers of old, where more creativity and connection could be made possible by a core of enthusiastic supporters.

That’s when FAN. SI came along. Through this platform, I can finally offer you complete access to my music, my shows, daily updates, and a forum where you can connect with other fans and share concert pics, live recordings and more.

I plan to offer tons of exclusive new content to this site, and only subscribers will get access. It’s gonna be fun, people.

Join me as I take off from the ground floor on this exciting new venture. Who knows where this will take us? All I know is that you can only survive as a one man band for so long…

Invest in Jacob’s music and get perks!
Silver: $5 per month
Digital copies of all the music I’ve made and all the music I will make.

Gold: $10 per month
All my music (past, present and future) plus free VIP admission for you and 3 of your friends to all Jacob Moon Production shows. Plus exclusive access to monthly guitar lesson videos.

Platinum: $100 per month
Everything from the Gold level, plus a free house concert every year. Plus complimentary tickets to the Jacob Moon Fan Weekend in 2015 (private concerts, special musical guests and fun outings with Jacob)

Start Support at FAN.SI HERE

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    • Aki – thank you for visiting the site. My name is Steve and I run the fan site, not Jacob. Thank you for also becoming a Fan Partner with Jacob Moon. Please come back often and contribute something related to Jacob’s music if you would like.

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