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  • 20 YEARS: The Best of Jacob Moon

    Genre: Rock
    Released: August 29, 2015
    2015 Moonbeam Music

    Looking back on 20 years of music-making, it feels like climbing a mountain and being able to survey the landscape beneath you, as if for the first time.

    As I’ve gathered together the songs that tell stories of my life up to this point, I remember every person who has made my music better, and the fans who made each one possible. I also find myself curious to hear what tunes I will be humming and what stories I will be telling over the NEXT 20 years.

    You guys have been there for me every time I release something to the world and this task has never been so important as it is in this day and age. People assume music is free, so record stores are closed and still the internet is clogged with a million artists all vying for attention.

    You guys are my best foot forward in the journey to reach more new fans, and I want to make sure you’ve got what you need from me. Any growth I have seen of my music over the years has been because people like you told their people.

    This CD has a total of 16 tracks, including 14 fan favorites and 2 new ones that have never before been released on CD, including ‘Love of Mine’ and ‘Ribbon of Darkness’. For those of you interested in the vinyl, it contains *10 tracks specially mastered for vinyl, plus the code for downloading all the tracks from full CD version.
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    1. *Live a Little (live)
    2. Love of Mine
    3. *Revelation
    4. *Magnolia
    5. *Just Like You
    6. Alone in New York
    7. Ribbon of Darkness
    8. Chelseaville
    9. *Sara
    10. Emmanuel
    11. End of the Road
    12. *Subdivisions
    13. *Great Beyond
    14. *Leaving
    15. *Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (live)
    16. *Is That All You Got

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    • Fascination

      Genre: Rock
      Released: November 1, 2013
      2013 Moonbeam Music

      A brand-new collection of cover songs (and 2 originals!) with a rock edge. Songs by Rush, Yes, Marillion, Peter Gabriel, Keane, Tom Waits and Radiohead are covered in Jacob’s unique style and feature a vital and muscular band sound, along with Jacob’s trademark layered approach to solo performance.
      Order today at www.jacobmoon.com

      1. Limelight (RUSH)
      2. Is That All You Got (Jacob Moon)
      3. Letdown (Radiohead)
      4. Kayleigh (Marillion)
      5. Lavender (Marillion)
      6. Owner of a Lonely Heart (YES)
      7. Bend and Break (Keane)
      8. Revelation (Jacob Moon)
      9. Pony (Tom Waits)
      10. Subdivisions (RUSH)
      11. In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)

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      • Landing 2: the 10th Anniversary Concert

        Genre: Roots
        Released: September 4, 2012
        2012 Moonbeam Music

        10 years ago, I recorded a little twelve song cycle called ‘Landing’. Recorded live over three nights, it was my first real hit, and has remained a top seller and a favorite with the fans.

        On May 25/26, 2012 I decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this CD with a pair of shows at Catherine North Studio and also go back to those original songs and record them again, along with a bunch of new, never-recorded tunes.

        What we ended up achieving was surprising. The old songs came to life again in a brand new way, and all the arrangements had morphed over the years, revealing new layers of depth that time has overlaid on each song’s meaning and delivery. The new songs really connected as well, since they are still fresh for me emotionally, and represent where I am at today.

        I worked with Michael Chambers and Glen Marshall, my original producer, and we recorded 10 of the 12 original songs, plus 5 new ones. The result is a warm-sounding and breathtakingly pristine recording that I think you will be thrilled to own. I honestly think it is the best representation of what I do, finally captured on record.

        1. Live A Little
        2. Back To You
        3. We Will Overcome
        4. The End of Me and You
        5. Something Within Me
        6. Bend and Break
        7. Under African Skies
        8. Leaving
        9. The Way It Is
        10. Oh Love
        11. Travis
        12. Speak To Me
        13. Disappear
        14. I Know You By Heart
        15. Everything’s Gonna Be Allright

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      • The Music Room: Instructional DVD

        3 DVDs packed with lessons and exclusive performances!
        Over 4 hours of in-depth and detailed instruction, including a complete breakdown of Rush’s ‘Subdivisions’!

        DISC ONE: GUITAR TECHNIQUES – Learn from Jacob’s fingerpicking style on songs like ‘The Great Beyond’, take on soloing in and out of the box on ‘Not Gonna Lose’ and become a one-man band after
        taking on ‘Just Like You’. Plus ‘Alone in NY’.

        DISC TWO: SONGWRITING – Jacob takes you all the way from the blank page to the finished song, stopping along the way to delve deep into chord theory, alternate tunings and song examples like ‘Sara’,
        ‘End of the Road’ and ‘Leaving’. Also lots of HOT TIPS, songwriter interviews and new performances featuring guest Ali Matthews!

        DISC THREE: LIVE LOOPING – Ever wonder how Jacob is able to make a guitar sound like an entire orchestra? This disc will answer all your questions, and take you inside the multi-tasking mind of a live looping guru. Plus a special looping clinic with guest looper extraordinaire Rick Francis! Songs on this disc include ‘Esperanto’, ‘Great Beyond’, ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Subdivisions’.

        Order now at JacobMoonDVD.com » and have it shipped to your door!

      • Maybe Sunshine

        Genre: Roots
        Released: Nov 2009
        2009 Moonbeam Music

        Maybe Sunshine is a new studio mini-album with a new sound. Inspired by world travel and shot through with optimism, these songs have an energetic and muscular feel to them, with lots of layers to reward repeated listenings. New songs here include Sara (about a girl from El Salvador that became Jacob’s sponsor child), End of the Road (a cup of courage for hope-starved), All things Old ( a first-take, live-in-studio acoustic gem), and Children of the World (a prayer for the world of the child; an anthem for change). Required listening for Jacob Moon fans, this record marks the beginning of a creative renaissance, and is compelling proof of the ‘less is more’ theory.

        1. Sara
        2. End of the Road
        3. Children of the World
        4. Memory of the Dark
        5. Great Beyond
        6. All Things Old

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      • The Loop

        Genre: Roots
        Released: Nov 29, 2007
        2007 Moonbeam Music

        A new live album for a new era. This one was recorded at a variety of venues around Ontario and across Canada. New songs here include ‘The Great Beyond’ (winner of the Great Lakes Song Contest), ‘Not Gonna Lose’, and ‘I’m Sorry’. Ambitious covers such as ‘Subdivisions’ by Rush, ‘Come Talk to Me’ by Peter Gabriel and ‘Esperanto’ by Kurt Elling all reveal Moon’s knack for re-interpretation and dynamic delivery. You won’t believe what one man and his guitar can do.

        1. Come Talk to Me
        2. The Great Beyond
        3. Not Gonna Lose
        4. I’m Sorry
        5. You’ve Got Soul
        6. Hide and Seek
        7. Subdivisions
        8. Alone in NY
        9. Just Like You
        10. Esperanto

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      • This Christmas

        Genre: Roots
        Released: Nov 29, 2007
        2007 Moonbeam Music

        Winner of 2008’s Covenant Award for best seasonal album, this one is a true gem. 10 carefully selected Christmas songs and one new composition make up this graceful and elegant CD, which has an appropriate sense of whimsy and wonder to it. Jacob even tries his hand at arranging the string section on this one, with breathtaking results on ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and ‘I Saw Three Ships”. The lasting feeling you get is warm, inviting and peaceful…like coming home.

        1. Winter Song
        2. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
        3. Once in Royal David’s City
        4. Rise Up Shepherd and Follow
        5. I Saw Three Ships
        6. O Come O Come Emmanuel
        7. See Amid the Winter Snow
        8. This Christmas
        9. In the Bleak Midwinter
        10. Go Tell It On the Mountain
        11. You Gotta Get Up

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      • Eventide

        Genre: Roots
        Released: February 23, 2006
        2006 Moonbeam Music

        The follow-up to Landing, recorded in the spot where that magic took place, at Catherine North. Instead of trying to get lighning to strike again, Moon and his musical co-conspiritors took to bringing a whole new song cycle to life with a variety of ensembles. Strings, woodwinds, brass, and a tasteful band come together to support Jacob and his acoustic guitar on this organic collection of new classics. Covers include songs by Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris and Sam Cooke.

        1. Never Give Up on You
        2. Okay on My Own
        3. Magnolia
        4. Come Talk to Me
        5. Alone in New York
        6. Ring Them Bells
        7. Jesus I’ll Never Forget
        8. Just Like You
        9. Tell Me Why
        10. The Pearl

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      • Landing

        Genre: Roots
        Released: 2003
        2003 Moonbeam Music

        Lightning strikes in the Landing, recorded at Catherine North. New classics and covers from Peter Gabriel to tantalize Jacob and his acoustic guitar on this inspiring collection.

        1. Back To You
        2. We Will Overcome
        3. The End of Me and You
        4. Something Within me
        5. Under African Skies
        6. Leaving
        7. Travis
        8. My Life of Crime
        8. Speak To Me
        10. There’s a Place
        11. I Know You By Heart
        12. Everything’s Gonna Be Allright

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      • The World I Left Behind

        Genre: Roots
        Released: 2000
        2000 Moonbeam Music

        1. Does He Know (Something I Don’t Know)
        2. There’s A Place
        3. Forgive Me
        4. One Tragedy Away
        5. Summer Days
        6. Siren Song
        7. Chelseaville
        8. Herky Jerky
        9. Dependence
        10. The World I Left Behind

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      • Among The Thieves

        Genre: Roots
        Released: 1997
        1997 Moonbeam Music

        1. Queen of the Western World
        2. Matter of Time
        3. No One Looks Up
        4. Hamilton Mountain
        5. Never Make It Right
        6. Liberty
        7. Among the Thieves
        8. Lights Out
        9. Live In Me
        10. Leaving

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