Happy Birthday Jacob! New Band and another RUSH connection.

Yesterday Jacob Moon celebrated his birthday once again, Happy Birthday Jacob!! It is true that the years start to pass faster the older we get, so they are starting to go fairly quickly for you Jacob. Being a professional musician for over 21 years, Jacob does not always get to celebrate his birthday like a normal person. Yesterday was no exception as Jacob played for a wedding couple. A day filled with love and music but not your typical birthday.

NEW BAND – Jacob Moon and friends
Jacob Moon – September 8 at 1:09pm ·
“Tomorrow night! Gasworks (141 Park N in Hamilton). 9pm. The NEW BAND! It’s gonna be a night to remember. No cover. Just bring your self and everyone you know who lives for live music. Wait til they hear Joel Parisien sing, Richard Moore lay it down on bass and Lyle Molzan tear it up on drums. It’s gonna be ridiculous!”

Here is the new band in action:

Jacob Moon – “I’m forming a new band with soul singer and keyboardist Joel Parisien. The as-yet-unnamed project will be recording rootsy and soulful gospel songs in a couple of weeks in Burlington, in preparation for an EP release this November. You will be getting more info as we go, but here’s a taste of the band in action on Wed night at an out-of-town gig. ‘None of Us are Free’ is the track, from an old Solomon Burke record.”

The guys and Jacob will be recording the new EP this coming week. Can’t wait to hear the results. We’ll post it here as soon as it comes out. Follow along on Jacob’s site to see where you can hear this band live in the next few months. Of course, for those that remember, Richard Moore played with Jacob in the last band he put together The Jacob Moon Band that toured a bit, recorded some great videos, and played at the big 20th anniversary gig last April.

RUSH Connection Continues
Limelight for Rush: Toronto rockers get a park named in their honour
Lee Lifeson Art Park will take its name from Rush founders Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, who grew up in the Willowdale area.

Jacob Moon – August 26 at 8:20pm ·
“That thing where you get called for a suh-weet gig but you already have a house concert and a wedding on the same day. Aargh! Sorry, Geddy and Alex. More notice next time, dudes!”

Jacob Moon “GOOD NEWS! They have moved me to 12 noon that day so I can still do my other events and play Subdivisions at the new Lee Lifeson Art Park! Sept 17, with appearances by G&A and Strombo. The Star article.”

Jacob’s connection with the music and the band RUSH continues in very cool ways. If you can make it out to the new park for this event on September 17, 2016 say hi to Jacob for me. We may be seeing Jacob and RUSH connected again in the next few months. Stay tuned.