Music Coach, Mimic Mondays, Steve Bell, and More


Jacob Moon: Professional Music Coach
“I am enjoying taking on a new role as Professional Music Coach for independent artists. I’ve been doing some private coaching lately for artists looking to develop their abilities in live performance, songwriting, business, recording and growing a fanbase. Currently accepting new clients. Contact me at my email address for rates and to book your first consultation:”

Jacob has started another new feature this year he likes to call “Mimic Mondays”. I bet you already know what this is about, the exciting part is the surprise selection of song and artist that Jacob picks to “mimic” each week. So far Jacob has put out his best impression of songs from Steve Winwood, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Peter Gabriel.

Jacob Moon – OK, so I’m starting a thing called MIMIC MONDAYS where I am inviting my friends who do impressions (even bad ones!) to post them online, you know, just for fun-zies. Impressions make me laugh. I am going to get the ball rolling with one of my own every week, and here is my first one in a series…ladies and gentlemen, I give you: STEVE WINWOOD. My wife thinks I sound like a muppet on this one, but what do you think? Did I get close at least?

It sounds pretty good to me. Jacob has been doing these impressions for many years and sometimes pulls out a new one during his solo concerts. Here are the next two in the series if you did not see these when first posted, enjoy!

MIMIC MONDAYS #2: This week we go back to the Blood Sweat and Tears classic ‘Spinning Wheel’, sung by award-winning singer-songwriter (and sometime impressionist) Jacob Moon!

Here’s my impression of the legendary Peter Gabriel singing Red Rain from his classic album, ‘SO’.

I am looking forward to the next entries in this very fun series from Jacob Moon. Keep your eyes and ears open.

JM and SB

Jacob first opened for musician Steve Bell back in 2004. Over the years Steve has continued to support Jacob’s musical journey in many different ways and when their schedules align they try to get together and put on a spectacular double concert show. Well, the stars have aligned once again and Steve and Jacob will be performing tonight in Brantford, ON at Fairview United. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

Face 2 Face with Jacob Moon – Episode 169
Jacob talks today about Rush and music, “live looping”, why the hands are often like jokers to him, the difference between gifting and practice and why he has fostered a heart for social justice. Listen to the podcast here.