What Is One Fan Worth?

Jacob Moon 20th Anniversary

As we are all firmly gripped by summer and the long school break for the kids, the vacation either just passed or coming shortly, the longer days of sunlight, and the time to reflect a bit at the mid point of the year. I have been thinking about us – The Fans – and what impact we have and can have on the career of an independent musician like Jacob Moon. Many of you have followed him from the start 20 years ago, or even before when he was studying music in college, and some of us have come along over the years and remained as fans since our first exposure to Jacob’s talent and music.

But what can we do as a single fan or a small group of fans that share the same venue each time Jacob comes around in concert, or live in the same town, or only follow him from remote locations because Jacob is not able to visit with his live performance do? We can share his music with others – either through playing it to someone, giving them a CD of Jacob’s music, sharing via social media with videos and streaming songs. We can invite others to a concert that is in the area we live or share a “home video” of Jacob performing a song or a whole concert with others in a private setting. We can support Jacob by buying his music, attending his concerts, or being a part of his Partner Program (Fan.si). Or, in my case, you can start a fan site to have a place to share and have others share their experiences with Jacob’s music.

But can a single fan have any impact? This week on the Rush is a Band site (http://www.rushisaband.com) Ed Stenger posted this piece (thanks Darren aka RushFanForever) about fan impact from Pegi Cecconi who has been involved in the careers of RUSH for many years:

Anthem/SRO’s Pegi Cecconi was one of the panelists at a 1-day music seminar earlier this month at the Old Crow Bar & Bistro in Niagara Falls (thanks RushFanForever). The event was sponsored by MusicOntario and Planet3 Communications, in association with CIMA and the Ontario Media Development Association. Niagara this Week covered the event in this article (thanks RushFanForever):

… “You have to go about it one fan at a time,” said Pegi Cecconi, vice-president of SRO/Anthem, the label that has brought the likes of Rush, Max Webster, Gowan and The Tea Party to the masses. “Next it’s 20, then it’s 50. They will do all of the sales and everything for you. They’re you’re promoters.” …

Sure, everyone has heard of RUSH by now, 41 years into their amazing musical career, but how did it start? Donna Halper on a Cleveland radio station back in 1974 “discovered” RUSH with the song ‘Working Man’ that seemed to resonate with the local blue collar working force and echo their thoughts on daily toil at a job. Donna had the advantage of being able to use radio to get the song out to the masses and slowly through constant touring, hard work, and great songwriting and musical ability the word about RUSH spread.

It is no longer 1974. Most musical artist work very hard to learn their craft and many write songs that appeal to the fans. Sometimes just in a local scene, a regional area, or once in a while across province’s, states, and countries. Jacob has put in the hard work, toured ceaselessly for 20 years, written his own songs that find a home in our hearts and minds, and honed his ability to perform the songs at a very high level of musicianship and musical sensitivity. But how many people have heard of Jacob Moon?

Jacob Moon and fans

Sure, the music business has changed dramatically in the last 10-15 years and an independent artist just starting out has huge obstacles to overcome. But, if Pegi is right, then each of us as single fans can have a large influence on the fate of any musical artist. Part of the objective with this site is to provide a gathering place for the 20, the 50, the 500 fans of Jacob Moon. To share like experiences and let others know how much we enjoy his guitar playing, his vocals, his songs – his music.

One thing that 1974 did not have that we do today is the internet. It can be a huge influence and conduit for making others aware of something special out in the world. Something that they may not have heard of because it did not happen in their back yard. As we have seen in many other areas of entertainment, business, life sharing etc., the internet is one tool that can be used to promote to others what we as a single individual love.

I met some of the long term fans of Jacob in Hamilton this past April at the 20th Anniversary celebration concert. It was great to put some faces to names and talk about your experiences with Jacob’s music and share the enthusiasm for what he has done so far and looking ahead at what new music Jacob is going to bring us. I would encourage you to share that enthusiasm with as many people as you can, in any way you can, and remember that this is your place too and we can share our love of Jacob’s music right here.

What is one fan worth? Maybe everything.

2 thoughts on “What Is One Fan Worth?

  1. Yes one fan is the way to build an artist the right way. It is how Rush has built a nation of fans. Touring and making music. All pure in its nature. Not for commercial success but for the music. This one fan has enjoyed getting to hear, meet and enjoy Jacob as a human being. Wanting the best for talented good people has helped us expose people in AZ to Jacob’s music. Excited about his upcoming MIM show. Best sounding venue in the country so you can imagine how amazing Jacob sounds in the room. A must see for Moon fans..Keep on rocking in the free world… Happy 4th. ehh

    • Agreed Rich! Thank you for the comments. Jacob live is a whole different experience. While you are working your way to 100 Rush shows, we are working on our 100 Jacob Moon shows. It might take a couple more years but exciting to look forward to.

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