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Jacob Moon Best of

Jacob Moon – “This Best Of on vinyl project is going full steam ahead! LPs are processing, we are choosing songs for the extended CD version, and working on finishing ‘Love of Mine’, the new song. Check in for updates as we get closer, and help us reach even higher before the campaign ends by sharing the link on FB! the-best-of-jacob-moon-on-vinyl-and-cd Here’s the cover art we are going with for the LP. Thanks again!

There are still five days left in this campaign. Yeah, the initial goal has been reached but to make it extra special and to give Jacob the freedom to do more with this project we need to reach out to everyone and keep pushing for additional funding. I would like to see Jacob pursue more vinyl editions of his music in the future. A strong response in the campaign and over the next few months while we is touring and selling the limited number of vinyl records produced will help to encourage more releases like this. This is a big steep for an independent artist to take. Let’s help to make sure it is a good one for Jacob Moon and his fans.

Jacob Moon


Jun 12 London Music Club London, Canada Tickets RSVP
Jun 13 Maranatha Church w/ Ali Matthews Belleville, Canada Tickets RSVP
Jun 19 Burlington Sound of Music Festival Burlington, Canada Tickets RSVP

Jacob Moon

Jacob Moon – “The last weekend in June is just sitting there staring at me. ‘Ontario House Concert Mini-Tour’, perhaps? Who is up for a little backyard soiree (avec musique)?”

Of course if you can’t make one of the above dates, you can always join the Summer House Tour by booking Jacob to play at your house or someone you know. It is a fantastic way to experience and share Jacob’s music with friends, family, and neighbors during the great summer months. I will have Jacob here at my house again on July 23rd. We try to make it an annual event these days. Best way to celebrate the summer and share Jacob’s amazing music. Try it for yourself!!

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  1. Very much looking forward to the vinyl and, of course, to have Jacob in our house again later in the year!

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