Finally Jacob Moon on Vinyl – “The Best of” is coming

I have always been a vinyl record kind of person. Sure I have CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, SACDs and other forms of music reproduction. But if I have my choice it is always vinyl first. Now that vinyl has been under going a resurgence in popularity with so many people in the last few years I have wished for Jacob Moon to release some of his music on my preferred format. Well, that time has arrived!!

As part of the on-going 20 years celebration, Jacob is going to release his first “Best of” (voted by you) album on vinyl and CD. Yep, I can hardly wait. Here’s the announcement from Jacob and your chance to snag these limited editions on either vinyl or CD:

Jacob Moon

We want to bring you “THE BEST of JACOB MOON” on vinyl and CD! Help us out at the new Indiegogo page and get killer perks! Tshirts, house concerts, test pressings–oh my! There is lots up for grabs and the page is brand new today.

We wanted to do something special for the 20th anniversary of Jacob Moon’s career. There is an increasing demand for Jacob’s music on vinyl, so we are taking this moment to create the first-ever Best Of collection on long-playing record. Vinyl LPs are a specialized product, so we will use part of the money to pay for the setup and manufacture of a short run of 200 records, as well as a short run of CDs, which will contain a bit more music than we can fit on the LPs. (A Download link will be provided to collect the addtitional songs).

There will also be a brand-new single released with this, Jacob’s 10th recording…a song called ‘Love of Mine’, which he wrote recently for his wife, on the 10th anniversary of their marriage. Costs associated with the recording of this song will be partly recovered by monies raised here, and partly by fan investors.

Our hope is that this new project will serve as a way for fans to collect and share the best musical moments of Jacob’s career thus far, in a new (and old) format.

The campaign started less than 24 hours ago and already Jacob has reached 24% of his goal! But don’t worry, there are still plenty of cool perks and vinyl and CDs and T-shirts left…so far. I wouldn’t wait too long to snag yours because this really is a limited special release to celebrate Jacob’s career to date. His “best of” songs (as voted by his fans) with a brand new song that he debuted at the Hamilton concert April 17th. I may have picked up an extra copy or two on vinyl to use as give-aways on this site at some point. Watch for that sometime this fall.

Jacob Moon


‘RUSH’ to vote for Jacob! He could win the RUSH 40th Anniversary Cover Song Contest! Click here for more…(sign in with email or Facebook to vote).

Jacob has put up his cover version of RUSH’s “Limelight” to see if he can win a cover song contest as part of the 40th Anniversary celebration this year. The voting will open for the general public on June 2nd. So, bookmark the page and I’ll remind you as we get closer to June 2nd.

What a great time to be a Jacob Moon fan! So much going on and the year is not even half over. What comes next…

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