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No, really that is what the article is called. Graham Rockingham of The Hamilton Spectator published a piece on Jacob Moon’s music career thus far and used that title. We have arrived! Here is the whole article (copyright The Hamilton Spectator)

Jacob Moon
Emma Lee Photography,Courtesy of Jacob Moon
Hamilton singer-songwriter Jacob Moon celebrates 20 years making music Friday night with a concert in the Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place.

‘For All Moon Kind’
Jacob Moon: still going ‘all in’ after 20 years

Hamilton Spectator
By Graham Rockingham

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Jacob Moon is in the middle of writing a new song, tentatively titled “All In.” It won’t be ready for his concert Friday night, but it’s worth mentioning because, at the song’s heart, is a theme that embodies his life as a singer-songwriter.

Moon decided to go “all-in” 20 years ago when he left Wilfrid Laurier University (and his hometown of Kitchener) and moved to Hamilton to devote himself full-time to a career in music.

It probably wasn’t the wisest decision to make in terms of financial security and emotional stability, but it’s one that has served Moon well through nine albums and a touring schedule that sees him performing more than 100 shows a year across North America.

“I’ve always thought that you’ve got to be all in. That’s actually the subject of a song I’m writing right now,” says Moon. “It’s a theme that has run through my entire life. It gets me excited, it gets me stressed out, all those things.

“But there is a good kind of stress from starting a project that scares you, really terrifies you. Will I get it funded? Will it sell? It scares the crap out of you, but for some reason I want to live there. I don’t want to live where my days are routine. I like the feeling of every day being an adventure and totally different.”

Moon has successfully navigated the music business without the backing of a major record label, manager or booking agent. Besides a gift for singing, songwriting and guitar playing, the secret to his success has been nurturing strong pockets of fans in places like Vancouver, Seattle, Arizona and Alberta.

Moon refers to them as “Superfans.” One, in Seattle, even maintains a fan website called For All Moon Kind. Some of his fans even pay a monthly subscription fee to get VIP offers, special invites and exclusive videos and music downloads.

Moon says some fans will be travelling from out of province for the 20th anniversary concert he is staging with a six-piece band Friday night in the Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place. The show will feature songs from throughout his career, including his popular version of “Subdivisions,” which Moon performed in 2010 for Rush’s induction to the Canadian Songwriting Hall of Fame, and “Ribbon of Darkness,” which Moon sang for Gordon Lightfoot at a tribute last year in Toronto.

“I’m very grateful to the fans for making my career possible,” Moon says. “I consider myself very fortunate that I’ve been able to find a way to make it work and feed my family.”


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Jacob Moon

What: Jacob Moon and his band, in concert. A career retrospective.

When: Friday, 8 p.m.

Where: Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place

Tickets: Available in advance at the FirstOntario Centre box office or through Ticketmaster.

Thank you Graham and The Spec! If that isn’t enough, last night Jacob Moon videotaped an hour long interview with The Spec’s Tom Hogue, that will be released as a mini series in the near future, talking about his music career in Hamilton and across North America these past 20 years. I was lucky to be there and provided some video assistance. Great interview! Look for that soon from Jacob.

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  1. Arrived indeed! Looking forward to hearing more about MOON CON! Glad to see the deserved recognition for Jacob and for this http://www.forallmoonkind.com fan site. You do a great job of covering Jacob’s hectic life as a solo musician and we get to live it out, along with him, vicariously through this site. Your approach to how you write about JM’s adventures is very admirable. And I do admire it. Nice work people!

    • Thanks Don! You have been one of the few contributors to this site in many different ways. I always appreciate when you, Milena, Craig, and Darren share content for the site. I would like for other people to join in and share their experiences with Jacob’s music. This is the place. Thanks for reading the blog!

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