BC Tour and Tuesday’s in Hamilton


The Commissionaires (duo form) performing ‘Shelter Me’ from the first album.

It has been quite a while since I have posted to the site on a regular basis. I hope you have been keeping track of Jacob Moon and his many activities over the last few months. The man has been busy!! Besides all the regular solo shows, social justice appearances, radio interviews, writing and recording new music, and more Jacob has been very busy with the new group The Commissionaires. You have seen a few posts here about them and the new CD and vinyl release ‘Shelter Me’, but hopefully you have been following on social media, and even better, following their live shows over the last few months.

The east coast of Canada has been getting a lot of their attention, since it is their backyard, but finally we are getting a mini tour with Jacob and Joel Parisian, the heart of The Commissionaires, out in British Columbia. Of course, I’ll see you all at the House of James show with some special prizes.



TC Tuesday

Jacob Moon – “Live in the Hamilton area? We need YOU!
SO excited to launch a Tuesday night residency at The Gasworks in Hamilton starting Mar 21 with The Commissionaires! Every show will feature audience members spinning the Big Ol’ Wheel O’ Genres, and the band obliging with impromptu jams from a wide varitey of styles from 70s soul to Americana to Gospel, including our own originals. Don’t miss the big kickoff and Vinyl Release party 730pm March 21 at The Gasworks (141 Park N Hamilton). Every week we will feature justice initiatives happening locally and around the world, spotlighting how people are giving back and making a difference. We need you there!”

GASWORKS HAMILTON ON MAR 21 730pm DONATE (vinyl release party)
…and each Tuesday after that!

Don’t Miss Music – Favorite Artists

SW Steven Wilson

I have been to hundreds of music concerts over the past 40 years and while there are more artists out there then ever before and thousands of opportunities to attend live shows the cost keeps it real. But no matter what the cost of a show might be there are a few musicians that I will never miss in concert if at all possible: Neil Finn, Maynard James Keenan, Scott Hutchison, Steven Wilson, and Jacob Moon. As solo acts or band versions these are the musicians that draw my attention. There are a number of similarities about these artists – first, and foremost, they are all extraordinary songwriters; they are masters of at least one instrument but write songs using several; they front their respective bands and help set the musical direction; they are excellent in the studio but spend a lot of time on the road playing live; and they share their lives with us through their music.

The best writers for novels, films, or music sometimes write through fictional characters that allow them to hide behind a persona but expose a stark reality about themselves that might not come out in their first person songs. They write about themselves and their experiences and perceptions that resonate with so many of us. We are human together but may not be able to express our own feelings in a meaningful way, so we use and relate to others emotional expressions. And music is probably the strongest expression of emotion that we experience.

These artists are also truthful. To their art, to their experience of life, to our shared human experience. The music and lyrics blend and complement each other in a way that strikes a strong chord in us. They mean something.

I have seen all of these musicians live within the past year. The most recent was Steven Wilson two days ago. It was another amazing night of music, expression, and emotional connection that was shared by the band with its audience. We all take a personal experience out of a live event that no one else has but it is shared by the larger connections of the music. This is social media. Not the anti-social media that has taken over people’s lives while keeping them tied to their cell phones and computers that do not reflect truthfulness or personal connection. If you share a wonderful musical event together you have at least one strong connection and basis to share your true feelings with another human – in person and in real time. This may lead to other encounters either in person or on line that will sustain a thread between you, even if years go by. How many Facebook “connections” can you say that about?

This is a site about Jacob Moon and his music, sure. But there are many things that all of these great musicians and songwriters share. Some described above and many others noticed through their music. Different genres and musical paths expressed in their individual ways but with that same truthfulness and willingness to share their experience with us. Jacob is doing that once again with the new band The Commissionaires album ‘Shelter Me’ that they are currently finishing in the studio this month. Jacob and company are going back to a theme that has reverberated across Jacob’s career – social justice. It will reflect Jacob’s truth and experience wrestling with these issue for many years and looking to find a way to spread the word and help to minimize social injustices wherever possible. Again, the music will get the message to us in a way that we can relate to and act upon even if this was an area we had no prior experience or interest in. That is one way music changes the world. I am looking forward to the new album!

TC The Commissionaires

They just reached their initial goal on Pledge Music but could still use our help to actually pay for the rest of the production of the new album. If you haven’t had a chance to support their effort yet please head over to The Commissionaires and see what great extras you can get access to while helping the new album be the best it can. Thank you!

2112 40th Anniversary Edition of RUSH ‘2112’ featuring Jacob Moon.

RUSH, Steven Wilson, and Jacob Moon
RUSH would have been on the above list, and has been for many years, but as you know they have finally retired – at least from major tours. But the connection between RUSH and Jacob Moon has continued over the years ever since Jacob’s cover of ‘Subdivisions’. Recently, he opened up for Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson at the grand opening for their new park in Toronto. Well, we have known since last April that another connection was coming this year. It was finally announced yesterday that Jacob will be featured on the 40th Anniversary edition of RUSH’s “2112” performing ‘Something for Nothing’. Also featured on the album will be Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, and Steven Wilson. Pretty good company to be in I would say. Congratulations Jacob!!!

After celebrating over 40 years together with the same trio line-up, UMe continues the celebration of the Rush catalog with the release of three 40th anniversary expanded editions of the band’s classic 1976 album 2112.

On December 16, 2016, 2112—40th will be released in three distinct variations. The 2CD/DVD edition will include a newly remastered CD of the original 2112 album by Abbey Road Studios, and an additional CD of rare, live and previously unreleased material including newly-recorded tracks from 2112 featuring Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters along with Nick Raskulinecz, Billy Talent, Steven Wilson, Jacob Moon and Alice In Chains. The set’s third disc is a DVD featuring a newly restored vintage 1976 Rush concert recorded at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, plus bonus videos of the Grohl/Hawkins/Raskulinecz track and Billy Talent track, and a new 25+ minute interview featuring Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and longtime producer & engineer Terry Brown. The new 2112 remaster originally appeared on the much-acclaimed 2015 hologram vinyl edition of the album; this marks the Abbey Road Studios master first time on CD.

Jacob Moon – RUSH releases massive deluxe edition of 2112— with a Jacob Moon song on it!

NOVEMBER 5, 2016

Back in April, Jacob was asked by the RUSH people to record an a song for the re-release of 2112, a deluxe version of the classic breakthrough album for the band. I was thrilled to record “Something for Nothing”, the last song on that album. I went into the studio with Mark McIntyre on bass and Beatdown Brown on drums and we knocked out a rocking version of this classic Rush song.

It will be the final song on a bonus disc that also features The Foo Fighters, Steven Wilson, Billy Talent, and Alice in Chains. It is a high honour to be counted among these great artists… Congratulations to Geddy, Alex and Neil on 40 years! Watch for a music video coming soon!

Rolling Stone article here

Preorder the New Album by The Commissionaires

The Commissionaires

The Commissionaires was formed by award-winning singer-songwriter Jacob Moon and sought-after bandleader Joel Parisien (Newworldson) in the summer of 2016, to play soul gospel music with a mission of justice. Both performers are 20 year veterans of the independent music business and have forged successful careers, but what made them come together was a rare opportunity to bring soulful roots-gospel music to fans of their music, while reaching out to people who didn’t know that this was the band they had been waiting for. It’s real music played by real musicians, for a purpose. The songs are about issues of justice and faith and where those two things intersect.

“If there isn’t a tangible connection between gospel music and social justice, then it’s not real gospel music, in my opinion. There has to be an underlying current of redemption, and struggle, and deliverance… otherwise, what is that “Good News” that Gospel speaks of.” ~ Joel Parisien

During this exclusive pre-order time you can get access to the band as they make their first release together ‘Shelter Me’. You have heard a few bits and pieces from the group over the past few months but now you can get in early to hear what is going on inside the process and insights from band members about the group, like this:

New video!
Hey guys!

On tour in Red Deer today. Heading to a house concert in Calgary now. Mr Parisien is out in Vancouver I believe. Life is The Road…thankfully not Cormac McCarthy’s version.

Here’s a new video of my recollections of meeting him for the first time! Check it out….


PS. 35% and counting! We are after the big 5-0 next week. Spread the word on social media to help us get there!



There are only 50 days left in the campaign where, in addition to exclusive content, you can get signed CDs and vinyl by the band and even Joel’s microphone used during the recordings! Head on over to Pledge Music to support this great initial release from The Commissionaires.

Upcoming Shows
Date Venue Location
Oct 23 Hillview Baptist Church Edmonton, Canada
Oct 29 Cambridge Inn and Conference Centre Cambridge, Canada
Nov 03 Liuna Station Hamilton, ON
Nov 04 Trinity Anglican Church Cambridge, Canada
Nov 05 Compass Point Church Burlington, Canada
Nov 12 Wellington Square United Church Burlington, Canada
Nov 19 Flamborough Baptist Church w/Joel Parisien Hamilton, Canada

Fall Is Here Bringing Change – The Commissionaires

Fall is usually the busiest time of year for Jacob on the live concert front. The last four months seem to be a good time to catch people up with the new music, and sometimes bands, that Jacob has been working on during the prior months. This year he has done it again with a new band, The Commissionaires, and new music coming out in November with the new band. Here’s an early look at the guys performing ‘Shelter Me’:

‘Shelter Me’ New video

Just like with The Jacob Moon Band we had the privilege to hear in the past couple of years, the new band adds to Jacobs signature sound, vocals and guitar making it even richer. The new EP will be out sometime this November and the boys will be touring portions of Canada in support of the record. Get out and hear them if you can or at least pick up the new EP.

Jacob Moon with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Jacob Moon with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of RUSH, photo by Andy Wright Studios.

Lee Lifeson Art Park Opening Gig
For the few of you out there who may have missed this last weekend, Jacob played his version of ‘Subdivisions’ at the grand opening of Lee Lifeson Art Park honoring Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of RUSH in their home town. There are dozens of stories and photos out there. Dead Fly Media has some nice ones over here Dead Fly showing what the day was like. Andy Wright has taken great photos of Jacob over the years and he was there to capture the day for Dead Fly.

Anyway, I won’t post all the places you can see articles related to this event. There are many. For those that want to see more, it’s just a few clicks away. Enjoy the day as much as Jacob did.

Jacob with RUSH
Jacob with Ray Danniels, Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson of RUSH. Photo by Andy Wright.


Sep 30 Vernon Folk Club Vernon, Canada
Oct 01 Willow Park Church Kelowna, Canada
Oct 02 Vernon Alliance Church Vernon, Canada
Oct 05 Niagara Artists Centre St. Catharines, ON
Oct 07 541 Eatery and Exchange Hamilton, Canada
Oct 14 Benton St Baptist w/Michael Gabriel Kitchener, Canada
Oct 15 Redeemer University Ancaster, Canada
Oct 20 After the Grind Blackfalds, Canada
Oct 29 Cambridge Inn and Conference Centre Cambridge, Canada
Nov 03 Liuna Station Hamilton, ON
Nov 04 Trinity Anglican Church Cambridge, Canada
Nov 05 Compass Point Church Burlington, Canada
Nov 12 Wellington Square United Church Burlington, Canada
Nov 19 Flamborough Baptist Church w/Joel Parisien Hamilton, Canada

All tickets at www.jacobmoon.com/tour

Email Jacob at jacob@jacobmoon.com to get your name at the door for advance tickets to any of the above shows.

None of Us are Free – New Song by the Band named ???

Jacob Moon – 5 hrs
“Cool spontaneous moment at BTown sound studio this week! Joel Parisien breaks into singing ‘None of Us Are Free’ over the hot new drum and bass tracks. This one is the TAKE…”

Listening in the control room at the studio, Joel Parisien improvs a lead vocal over the bed tracks we just recorded. The song is ‘None of Us Are Free’, the great soul song from Solomon Burke. With Jacob Moon, Lyle Molzan and Rich Moore.

The new band may not have a name yet, but they have the SOUND. Check that soulful tune out!!!

Happy Birthday Jacob! New Band and another RUSH connection.

Yesterday Jacob Moon celebrated his birthday once again, Happy Birthday Jacob!! It is true that the years start to pass faster the older we get, so they are starting to go fairly quickly for you Jacob. Being a professional musician for over 21 years, Jacob does not always get to celebrate his birthday like a normal person. Yesterday was no exception as Jacob played for a wedding couple. A day filled with love and music but not your typical birthday.

NEW BAND – Jacob Moon and friends
Jacob Moon – September 8 at 1:09pm ·
“Tomorrow night! Gasworks (141 Park N in Hamilton). 9pm. The NEW BAND! It’s gonna be a night to remember. No cover. Just bring your self and everyone you know who lives for live music. Wait til they hear Joel Parisien sing, Richard Moore lay it down on bass and Lyle Molzan tear it up on drums. It’s gonna be ridiculous!”

Here is the new band in action:

Jacob Moon – “I’m forming a new band with soul singer and keyboardist Joel Parisien. The as-yet-unnamed project will be recording rootsy and soulful gospel songs in a couple of weeks in Burlington, in preparation for an EP release this November. You will be getting more info as we go, but here’s a taste of the band in action on Wed night at an out-of-town gig. ‘None of Us are Free’ is the track, from an old Solomon Burke record.”

The guys and Jacob will be recording the new EP this coming week. Can’t wait to hear the results. We’ll post it here as soon as it comes out. Follow along on Jacob’s site to see where you can hear this band live in the next few months. Of course, for those that remember, Richard Moore played with Jacob in the last band he put together The Jacob Moon Band that toured a bit, recorded some great videos, and played at the big 20th anniversary gig last April.

RUSH Connection Continues
Limelight for Rush: Toronto rockers get a park named in their honour
Lee Lifeson Art Park will take its name from Rush founders Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, who grew up in the Willowdale area.

Jacob Moon – August 26 at 8:20pm ·
“That thing where you get called for a suh-weet gig but you already have a house concert and a wedding on the same day. Aargh! Sorry, Geddy and Alex. More notice next time, dudes!”

Jacob Moon “GOOD NEWS! They have moved me to 12 noon that day so I can still do my other events and play Subdivisions at the new Lee Lifeson Art Park! Sept 17, with appearances by G&A and Strombo. The Star article.”

Jacob’s connection with the music and the band RUSH continues in very cool ways. If you can make it out to the new park for this event on September 17, 2016 say hi to Jacob for me. We may be seeing Jacob and RUSH connected again in the next few months. Stay tuned.

Music Coach, Mimic Mondays, Steve Bell, and More


Jacob Moon: Professional Music Coach
“I am enjoying taking on a new role as Professional Music Coach for independent artists. I’ve been doing some private coaching lately for artists looking to develop their abilities in live performance, songwriting, business, recording and growing a fanbase. Currently accepting new clients. Contact me at my email address for rates and to book your first consultation: jacobmoon.com@gmail.com”

Jacob has started another new feature this year he likes to call “Mimic Mondays”. I bet you already know what this is about, the exciting part is the surprise selection of song and artist that Jacob picks to “mimic” each week. So far Jacob has put out his best impression of songs from Steve Winwood, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Peter Gabriel.

Jacob Moon – OK, so I’m starting a thing called MIMIC MONDAYS where I am inviting my friends who do impressions (even bad ones!) to post them online, you know, just for fun-zies. Impressions make me laugh. I am going to get the ball rolling with one of my own every week, and here is my first one in a series…ladies and gentlemen, I give you: STEVE WINWOOD. My wife thinks I sound like a muppet on this one, but what do you think? Did I get close at least?

It sounds pretty good to me. Jacob has been doing these impressions for many years and sometimes pulls out a new one during his solo concerts. Here are the next two in the series if you did not see these when first posted, enjoy!

MIMIC MONDAYS #2: This week we go back to the Blood Sweat and Tears classic ‘Spinning Wheel’, sung by award-winning singer-songwriter (and sometime impressionist) Jacob Moon!

Here’s my impression of the legendary Peter Gabriel singing Red Rain from his classic album, ‘SO’.

I am looking forward to the next entries in this very fun series from Jacob Moon. Keep your eyes and ears open.

JM and SB

Jacob first opened for musician Steve Bell back in 2004. Over the years Steve has continued to support Jacob’s musical journey in many different ways and when their schedules align they try to get together and put on a spectacular double concert show. Well, the stars have aligned once again and Steve and Jacob will be performing tonight in Brantford, ON at Fairview United. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

Face 2 Face with Jacob Moon – Episode 169
Jacob talks today about Rush and music, “live looping”, why the hands are often like jokers to him, the difference between gifting and practice and why he has fostered a heart for social justice. Listen to the podcast here.

Jacob Moon 20 Years – One Year Later

Jacob Moon
Celebrating 20 Years of Jacob Moon music. April 17, 2015 in Hamilton, ON.


Friday April 17th, it’s the 20th Anniversary Concert! A 6-Piece Band will join Jacob to perform songs from all 9 CDs, plus the debut of a brand new single!
It’s going to be epic!

Plus special event T-shirts, custom MOONCON swag and door prizes from the team at FORALLMOONKIND (the official Jacob Moon fan site!).

Last year on this date Jacob Moon fans gathered in Hamilton, Ontario to celebrate 20 years of Jacob’s music. I made the trek out to Hamilton for the week to hangout with Jacob and help promote the show. It was an epic night of music with the Jacob Moon Band and special guests before a filled Hamilton Place venue. If you weren’t there you should have been. Here’s the recap from a blog I posted after the gig last year.

Jacob Moon 20th
Jacob Moon Band at the 20th Anniversary concert in Hamilton. Photo by Andy Wright (www.andywrightstudios.com).

It was a very special night! I was there and will post my review later this week. As soon as I got back from Hamilton I had another business trip and have not yet had time to write up this incredible show, but I will! Until then, here are a few images and Jacob’s feedback on the night:

20th Anniversary Pics from Hamilton Place
Courtesy of Andy Wright, who was on hand to shoot the night in his iminiatable style. Warm thanks to Mark Zelinski and Alek Bromke who also took some amazing shots. More shots here.

The night was magical, and Hamilton really came out to pack the place. We were near capacity at 300 souls! The band was on fire, and we relished this chance to play a career retrospective of the more rocking songs from the last 20 years.

You can read the feature stories from the Hamilton Spectator and the View online.

Thanks to all the FAN.SI Partners who came and brought friends. It was nice to talk to so many of you in the pre-show reception! I’m still working through that huge guitar cake (good thing I have three little helpers!).

NEXT UP in the 20th Anniversary Celebrations:

MAY 1 at the Conrad Centre: 20th Anniversary Homecoming with special guests Lisa Winn and cellist Ben Bolt-Martin. This show will feature the more acoustic side of my catalogue, in my hometown. Can’t wait! Local songwriter Luke Michielsen opens.

Jacob Moon cake
Jacob Moon – “Thanks to all the Gold and Platinum FANSI partners who attended the 20th Anniversary show on Friday night. We cut into an epic Larivee Cake, I shared a greeting and my gratitude to all in the VIP reception. Thanks to Platinum member and forallmoonkind.com curator Steve Thornton for organizing it!”

Jacob Moon’s 20th Anniversary Continues May 1, 2015 in Kitchener
Jacob Moon – “Help us celebrate 20 years of music-making, in my hometown of Kitchener! May 1st is the date–Conrad Centre is the place. Just walked thru it today and there’s a LOT of space in this gorgeous hall…makes me nervous! If you haven’t picked up tickets yet, message me at jacobmoon.com@g mail.com and I will put you on the door list (just $20 through me). Or you can get them now at Conrad Centre.

If you’re a Gold or Platinum Partner, then let me know you’re coming so I can get everything ready for you. I am planning on having a small reception for VIPs backstage before the show. Every VIP pass is good for 4 free tickets to this show! Looking forward to seeing you there!”

What’s a celebration without gifts. These “swag bags” were given to Fan.si members at the Hamilton show and will be available in Kitchener. Grab the limited edition Jacob Moon “20 Years” T-shirt while you are there.

Jacob Moon – “All my FAN.SI supporters (Silver, Gold, Platinum) get a free swag bag! Be sure to attend an upcoming show to collect yours!”

Swag bag gifts provided by the fans from www.forallmoonkind.com. Thanks Don, Milena, and Craig! The first MoonCon was a success.

I know we aren’t going to have to wait another 20 years for the next MoonCon gathering! Jacob is busy writing new songs in preparation for his next release and performing in front of his fans all across North America. 2016 may be 21 years of Jacob Moon music, but we have lots to look forward too and many more years to enjoy this talented singer-songwriter. Thanks Jacob!!!

Spring Roundup

20 Years
Vinyl now available online!
CD Baby has your vinyl copy of the new record, ’20 Years: The Best of Jacob Moon’. CD and MP3 versions also available…

Jacob Moon in Hawaii (OK, it is from January 2016 not really Spring, but it looks like Spring!). Photo by Allison Moon.

Spring Ontario Tour!
With the official arrival of Spring it is time to catch up on activities outside of the house and for us that means – what is Jacob Moon up to? Following the brief period of relaxing in Hawaii with his lovely wife Allison, Jacob has been back hard at work. Booking gigs, writing new songs, getting familiar with the new telecaster guitar, giving master classes on live looping and, of course, performing live across North America. Staying close to home during the winter months but with the advent of Spring and Summer just around the corner, Jacob will be once again traveling to the far reaches of his fans domiciles.

Jacob Moon – Hey guys, While I work on new tunes, I am staying close to home for a series of shows in the area. More to come!

Mar 30 Long and McQuade Waterloo, Canada
Apr 03 Aeolian Hall London, Canada Tickets
Apr 06 Long and McQuade Peterborough, Canada
Apr 07 Gasworks Hamilton, Canada Tickets
Apr 09 Flyers Cafe Haldimand, Canada Tickets

All tickets at www.jacobmoon.com/tour
Email Jacob at jacob@jacobmoon.com to get your name at the door for advance tickets to any of the above shows.

looping class
Live Looping Masterclass with Jacob Moon
Ready to take your music to the next level?
Join live looping guru Jacob Moon as he guides you on a righteous path of creating layers of sound and texture that will open your mind to what one player and an instrument can do! Learn from this Youtube star how to get the most out of today’s looping technology and discover how to make your looping memorable! All ages and skill level welcome!

Milena and Stefan
Jacob Moon fans in Hawaii sporting the new Jacob Moon Fan.si shirt. They did wait until Spring to visit.

house concert

Win a Free House Concert with Jacob Moon!
You could win a free house concert for you and your friends, simply by entering this contest! That’s right, Jacob Moon will come to your house and play a show for you and your posse, complete with sound and lights (fog machine extra). Contest limited to Canadian residents. Contest ends at noon on April 15, 2016. Good luck!

Winter Wanes, Love Blooms…

JM tshirt
Jacob Moon T-shirt entry. Select your favorite and then wear it. Details below.

Now I realize that the header may not seem true for some of you that aren’t in Seatle…on both counts. But winter can’t last forever (can it?) and love can (if you feel a bit low on love, fire up some Jacob Moon music like ‘Love of Mine’). I also understand how too much work gets in the way of us enjoying the better things in life – Jacob Moon music, puppies, rainbows, and sleep! I can’t seem to shake the work bug enough to get out regular blogs this year. Tonight, unfortunately, is not an exception but there is exciting news for us Jacob Moon fans.

First up, you can see a couple of the designs, one above and one below, in competition to be the first Jacob Moon Fan.si merchandise. It is not the first JM shirt as we had one celebrating the first 20 years of Jacob’s musical journey (now a collectable item). Here’s a chance for you to help select the next awesome merch design though:

JM Tshirt


Help me pick a winner for the FANSI Partner T-Shirt Design Contest. Over 50 different ideas came in, and we have narrowed it down to these final 8 designs. Vote here! Some pretty nice designs in the final eight selections. Make sure your voice is heard, but hurry I think the voting closes soon.

JM Vday

Jacob MoonSomeone more poetic than I once said: ‘If music be the food of love, play on’.

Well, it’s coming up to that time again…Love is in the air. Not that we would be able to tell, here in Hamilton. You know, with all the pollution and whatnot. To celebrate, we have 2 very special shows.

FEB 12: Valentine’s Coffeehouse at Whites Road Church in Harriston ON 7pm tickets $12 or $20/couple. Tickets at door.

FEB 13: 4th year of Valentine’s in Stratford with Ali Matthews! Knox Presbyterian Church. 730pm $25. A night of duets and loooove songs. Tickets

Singer-songwriters Jacob Moon and Ali Matthews are back with their annual Valentines show in the gorgeous Knox Church Amphitheatre in Stratford. Join us for a coffeehouse concert of love songs, both new and old, traditional and contemporary, original and familiar. Bring your sweetie (or a friend or two) and celebrate the music of love. Refreshments, wine and beer available for purchase.


FEB 12: Whites Rd Church in Harriston ON Valentines Day Concert
FEB 13: Valentine’s Day Coffeehouse with Ali Matthews. Knox church in Stratford ON. TIX
FEB 27: Benefit Banquet for Woodstock Christian School. Earlybird tickets here
MAR 3: Long and McQuade Toronto (Bloor St) 7pm Looping Clinic FREE
MAR 4: Simcoe Little Theatre Simcoe ON 730pm $20 adv TIX
MAR 18: Whitestone Lodge in Dunchurch, ON Private Event
MAR 19: OPEN DATE Northern ON
MAR 23: Long and McQuade Peterborough ON 7pm Looping Clinic FREE
APR 3 Aeolian Hall in London ON Tickets on sale Monday

JM Now

What Jacob is up to now.
“I’ve been writing, dreaming up new things…and coming back to the guitar to try and learn some new tricks. Studying Robben Ford at the moment. Amazing tone and intelligent soloing…learning a lot!
Also trying to keep my voice in shape in this lighter touring season, so I have found karaoke versions of my favorite songs by bands like Keane, Sqeeze, Ray Lamontagne and Gabe Dixon, and am singing them every day, while recording karaoke versions of my own songs as well. Good times. I am entertaining pubs full of people in my mind every night.
I am booking for the next few months, and excited about shows at Simcoe Little Theatre and Aeolian Hall. Looking to head west again in April/May to hit BC, AB and SK.

I am aiming to get set up with a more robust creative space here at the Woodshed, and updating a few things over the next few months as I start writing and pre production on the next recording. It will be an all-original EP at least and maybe more if I can find the songs.

Spending lots of time with family and loving it. The kids are 5/6/7 now, and I want to enjoy this season with them while they are so young and still want to play with daddy.

Picking a T-shirt design winner today based on the vote (see link above). Thankful for all my FANSI supporters who are making this creative season possible, and will be wearing a new T-shirt very soon!”


So don’t let a little winter weather slow you down, let your love bloom with a bit of Jacob Moon music and fan support sporting a new JM T-shirt!!